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[16 Mar 2003|05:37pm]
If you ever see a bottle that says "Drink Me" DON'T DRINK IT, or a white rabbit or something, man...DON'T FOLLOW.

The things you find in Umbar, man. Crazy.

Looks like me v.1.0 is back, damn I didn't know where he was! I'd hug him but Curse of the Noldor and all that, yeah...

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[09 Feb 2003|09:57pm]
*slinks into Umbar*

*wanders around*

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[09 Feb 2003|06:26pm]
[ mood | embarrassed ]

((OOC: New email address is finally achieved; namo_of_mandos@hotmail.com - gads. Take long enough? No, don't answer.))

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[05 Feb 2003|10:03pm]
*goofy grin* Pretty colors huh? That's pretty nifty cool. *props you upright, pats you on the back, ignoring how you wobble* I guess just keep doing what you normally do for the place, Mandos. Do whatever you can like, do to keep better control of those fangirls since you're a Mary Sue and like, stuff and just keep doing what you do already I guess, but better since you can do more like, since you're a Maia. :D If you don't like it though, I can try to find some way to take it back or somethin'. Or like , leik OME my dad can take it back since he looks real twitchy about all the maiathingies running around.

Er. Sorry Mr. Elfthing you don't look so happy about the Maia thing :( Still not sure how all this maia stuff goes but like I said, dad looks all fidgety so he can take care of it I'm sure. *hangs head* I should probably just go back to Mandos and have my Mun PLEASE FREAKING REWRITE ME and do the usual stuff I'm supposed to do. Oh! Duties and stuff! Yeah. You just, make sure nothing dies that isn't supposed to, since I can see what happens, everything that happens and all that stuff, you can now too *nod* Like uh, an extension of me. But not. :D And keep an eye on the cute little second-borns because they don't come here that often but they're so NEAT and stuff I really like them...heyyyy...do I have any feast days or something? You can be in charge of them too :D Oh, and making sure we don't have any more of those creepy souls still floating around bodyless and looking for hosts like the creepy freak Ungoliant or that Hunter thingamajig too. If you see them, send them back to Mandos and we'll take care of 'em. Heheh, this is sort of fun. Oh man dad is gonna kick my ass.

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[01 Feb 2003|02:08am]
*looks around Grey Havens*

*does friendly Valar help-things around Grey Havens*

*hugs Cirdan and tries not to crush a lung* Hey I've had a lot of fun here, gotta head out though and see more...got an idea too...

My first Maia left :(

You and you look like, neat n'stuff. Liked you and I know you pretty well after like, having your fea in me for a while. So like, how 'bout it?

Oh! I mean...wanna be my Maia-- er...Maiars? Thingies? Whateverthey'recalled's?

*glomps Cirdan and heads off*

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[22 Jan 2003|02:48pm]
*blinks and looks around*

Hey like...where's my...you know...the other guy? You know the one! Uh...the one that I should look like but don't 'cause of something but I don't know, and who is always in a bad mood? Or...something? Yeah. Where is he?

*looks around some more* Heyyyy, where are you? Come on man, this means I'm like, the only one now! *:( :( :(*

This place is getting lonely, Hama's off with that fangirl and...yeah I'm like...gonna leave this dig...I mean, the last soul just...didn't come...something...Mr. Denethor wouldn't talk about it so I dunno what's going on. Yeah. I'm lonely :(

*steps outside Mandos Gates and turns around* Well uh, you guys like, take care of things while I'm gone...*pets the gates* Good gates.

*heads to the Grey Havens to see whats up with Cirdan, 'cause he rocks like that...*

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[03 Nov 2002|10:23pm]
[OOC: O.o This mun has forgotten Namo's password for his email account and will be getting a new account soon...ehehehehSORRY! Anything in the past...er...month or two, has not been looked at. I'll put up another little note when he's got a new address...*pats Namo on the head soothingly*]

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[31 Oct 2002|06:14pm]
Okay, so I like, finally got that fangirl back in containment, boy was that hard! Glad I'm a Maia, but still, they like, latch on and once they latch on they're hard to shake off!

So I've been keeping that little-elf dude in me, because I need to like, return him to his body. I think he's doing better now, I mean, I'm a Valar so I can make him better or at least like, make him feel better and stuff while he's in me (thought it really really tickles!!!) and it was really nasty-ouch for him when he was in Ungoly she really creeps me out, man!.

Allrighty mister elf, we're taking you home now, sorry for the delay! *walks up to the front door of the Steward's Quarters in Minas Tirith* *knocks*

Uhm...like, delivery for a Faramir, and a Siledhel, residence of one Elf body? *shuffles feet nervously*

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[30 Oct 2002|09:22pm]
This lil'elf dude still tickles...a lot. *shivers* Dude. But, like, he'll be home soon, no worries. So I was thinking about all these applicants for being my Maia, and I'm like, WOAH! Because they wanted to be my Maia, and you know that's just really great, you know? I can't pick all of them even though that would be like, really really neat! so I thought I'd do that nice-thing and I'm going to give something to all the ones who I didn't choose because I feel kinda bad for only picking one.

YOU...uhhh...er...*scratches head* I really don't know. Um, so, what do you like? Oh oh oh! Ummm...deadly assassin? *bites lip* Dang, man, you're hard!

Ooooo, you're going to be easy! :) *gives you back your hands and feet*

Woah! Dude, you're like, supposed to be an elf! And stuff! No more of that wierd crazy donkey ears stuff! *does swishy-hand-thing* There! Elf!

Hama's there too? I didn't know he wanted to be a Maia! Neat! *thinks* Uhmm...oooooo...I've got an idea! Have to wait, though.

Jade's in here too? *blushes* Uhm, er. This is harder than I thought. *scribbles an IOU down*

Man, that would be neat to have you as a Maia but I already know who I want, so I can't. :( But! I've got something for you. And I'll see you really really really soon about it.

So! YOU are my Maia! Whoo! This is a lot of fun! I have no idea what I should do with you, what'dyou want to do?

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[27 Oct 2002|10:50pm]
So I was like, trying to stay away from Denny because you know, he's other-Namo's assisstant when he burns the files instead of shredding them he gets that creepy eye-twitch and uh...and I saw Hama nailed to the wall and I was like, no! And stuff! I mean, poor Hama, I kinda liked him even if we can't let him cook or make coffee or anything and always have to make sure our food doesn't smell like almonds or taste oddly lemony and stuff like that, and he's doing a lot better about the whole 'breakdown' thing if we shut any doors and stuff...uhm...what was I saying? Oh!

So I was playing darts with some elven cats that said they were from Lindon - something about some creepy Hunter-thing-shadow-whatever that like, hunts and stuff and sucked their light and killed them brutally and a whole bunch of stuff like that. I mean, hunts elves. Yeah I know - Creepy UGH!

But then I got to thinking, I mean, like, how come I don't have a Maia? I'm Namo, uh...I'm a Namo, and I don't have a Maia, at least...do I?

Dad was cool enough to give us our powers back, so...anyone want to be my Maia? That would be really cool. You could like, have control over death-stuff, and probably tell the future and stuff like that just like me! So...you wanna?

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[16 Sep 2002|09:11pm]
So...um...dad decided he didn't like what we were doing with our powers, so we like...don't have them anymore. Don't know when we'll get them back, I sort of faded out after the first couple sentences. Strong stuff Hama gave me, never knew he was into that stuff too...umm...nevermind.

But yeah...so I've been hanging out in Tirith, you know? I mean, seems like a lot happens there now, so I guess I'll have a fun time. I always liked the tower there, haven't been there in ages...literally. Maybe Isildur can show me around the place, I heard she's really...quite a nice person. Oh! And Melkie declared it naked day...heh...sure, why not? Strips and tosses clothes aside.

The sibs are off moping and crying and stuff so I don't know where they are...oh hey! There's...wanders off

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[30 Aug 2002|12:32am]
Hey we got these new forms from Hama, he's really usefull. I mean, we don't let him cook anything...and we have to keep him out of the medicine cabinets, and we have to you know, like keep doors open or he starts getting really um...twitchy. But other than that, he's real great. Gotta thank Eomer for letting him go so he could work for us instead of like killing him, which is mean, you know?.

"Five thousand yellow tea-saucers? Man, who like, ordered that?"

Man I didn't know things were this difficult for my better half, I mean...woah.

But yeah, he's real useful. Those gnawers keep looking at him funny, and --...uh oh...I need to go now, they're starting to...yeah...I'll be back later.

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[18 Aug 2002|10:13am]
YOU. I like you. You're going to work for me now, okay? I mean, that is, unless you'd rather not work for one of the Valar.

I guess we'd better send someone down there to pick you up huh? Well, since I'm just the second one I guess I'll do that myself, I want to go check out that party, it looks like there's some fun to be had even for a Valar. Wonder what I should do with you exactly...hmm...oh hey! You can cook can't you? Wait...no, maybe we should wait on that. Okay, we'll figure out all that later, I'll be down to pick you up in a little bit.

Ask Denethor what you should do while I'm gone, I'm sure he'll be willing to oblige. If not, just give him a cookie. He likes the ones with the red and orange sprinkles. Says they bring back happy memories or something...I...didn't ask.

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[17 Aug 2002|12:47pm]

Um...long story. But Dad decided he'd never split anyone like a one-celled organism when he was watching the Discovery Channel, and thought that would be neat. I came in looking for some more oreos and...yeah. Thanks Dad.

So, here I am. Another Namo.

That was really wierd too, I mean have you ever been...divided?

Oh Hey! This looks fun. Guess I'll start reading that, as soon as I find some orange juice. I'm thirsty.

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